I am a Graphic Designer based in North London

A little bit about me: My name’s Alice I’m a London based Designer. I achieved a first class BA Honours degree in Communication Design at the University of Portsmouth in 2009.

Random Fact – My name is an anagram of ‘I am freelance’

Quote: “People ignore design that ignores people.” – Frank Chimero

I have always been intrigued with how people interact with design & how design interacts with people. From a small child drawing & assembling a paper cube to a teenager fascinated by Tibor Kalman’s controversial works. Design has a major impact on our daily lives & decisions, design so good, many people do not notice its influence.

For me to be able to be the think tank behind advertisements & campaigns is amazing. I am passionate about conceptual design, theory, semiotics & ideologies. I enjoy researching into all things new & old. I love experimenting & trying new things; I thrive on a good challenge, keeping busy & solving problems – anything to keep on my toes.

I have eight years experience & I am currently the Lead Designer for Collective Media a brand solutions company. Collective were acquired by Time Inc UK in 2016. I am an expert in Adobe Creative Suite, I have had experience with & understand HTML, CSS & JS. I am comfortable using CMS systems such as WordPress. I also have some experience in UX using wire framing software such a Axure Pro.

I want to communicate in as many ways as possible, interacting with the rest of the world through design. Inspiring minds, encouraging curiosity & intrigue. But most of all I want to be surrounded by similar minds, constantly looking for ways to push boundaries, concepts & ideas.

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